Title 76 Chapter 9 Section 301.8

Utah Criminal Code
Offenses Against Public Order and Decency
Section 301.8
Bestiality -- Definitions -- Penalty.


76-9-301.8.   Bestiality -- Definitions -- Penalty.

            (1) A person commits the crime of bestiality if the actor engages in any sexual activity with an animal with the intent of sexual gratification of the actor.

            (2) For purposes of this section only:

            (a) "Animal" means any live, nonhuman vertebrate creature, including fowl.

            (b) "Sexual activity" means physical sexual contact:

            (i) between the actor and the animal involving the genitals of the actor and the genitals of the animal;

            (ii) the genitals of the actor or the animal and the mouth or anus of the actor or the animal; or

            (iii) through the actor's use of an object in contact with the genitals or anus of the animal.

            (3) A crime of bestiality is a class B misdemeanor.

Amended by Chapter 302, 1999 General Session