Title 77 Chapter 40 Section 109

Utah Code of Criminal Procedure
Utah Expungement Act
Section 109
Retention and release of expunged records -- Agencies.


77-40-109.   Retention and release of expunged records -- Agencies.

            (1) The bureau shall keep, index, and maintain all expunged records of arrests and convictions.

            (2) Employees of the bureau may not divulge any information contained in its index to any person or agency without a court order unless specifically authorized by statute. The following organizations may receive information contained in expunged records upon specific request:

            (a) the Board of Pardons and Parole;

            (b) Peace Officer Standards and Training;

            (c) federal authorities, unless prohibited by federal law;

            (d) the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing; and

            (e) the State Office of Education.

            (3) The bureau may also use the information in its index as provided in Section 53-5-704.

            (4) If, after obtaining an expungement, the petitioner is charged with a felony, the state may petition the court to open the expunged records upon a showing of good cause.

            (5) (a) For judicial sentencing, a court may order any records expunged under this chapter or Section 77-27-5.1 to be opened and admitted into evidence.

            (b) The records are confidential and are available for inspection only by the court, parties, counsel for the parties, and any other person who is authorized by the court to inspect them.

            (c) At the end of the action or proceeding, the court shall order the records expunged again.

            (d) Any person authorized by this Subsection (5) to view expunged records may not reveal or release any information obtained from the expunged records to anyone outside the court.

            (6) Records released under this chapter are classified as protected under Section 63G-2-305 and are accessible only as provided under Title 63G, Chapter 2, Part 2, Access to Records.

Amended by Chapter 41, 2013 General Session