Title 78A Chapter 6 Section 805

Judiciary and Judicial Administration
Juvenile Court Act
Section 805


78A-6-805.   Emancipation.

            (1) An emancipated minor may:

            (a) enter into contracts;

            (b) buy and sell property;

            (c) sue or be sued;

            (d) retain his or her own earnings;

            (e) borrow money for any purpose, including for education; and

            (f) obtain healthcare without parental consent.

            (2) An emancipated minor may not be considered an adult:

            (a) under the criminal laws of the state unless the requirements of Part 7, Transfer of Jurisdiction, have been met;

            (b) under the criminal laws of the state when he or she is a victim and the age of the victim is an element of the offense; and

            (c) for specific constitutional and statutory age requirements regarding voting, use of alcoholic beverages, possession of tobacco or firearms, and other health and safety regulations relevant to the minor because of the minor's age.

            (3) An order of emancipation prospectively terminates parental responsibilities that accrue based on the minor's status as a minor under the custody and control of a parent, guardian, or custodian, including parental tort liability for the acts of the minor.

Renumbered and Amended by Chapter 3, 2008 General Session