Title 78B Chapter 6 Section 1802

Judicial Code
Particular Proceedings
Section 1802
Renewal by motion.


78B-6-1802.   Renewal by motion.

            A court of record may renew a judgment issued by a court if:

            (1) a motion is filed within the original action;

            (2) the motion is filed before the statute of limitations on the original judgment expires;

            (3) the motion includes an affidavit that contains an accounting of the original judgment and all postjudgment payments, credits, and other adjustments which are provided for by law or are contained within the original judgment;

            (4) the facts in the supporting affidavit are determined by the court to be accurate and the affidavit affirms that notice was sent to the most current address known for the judgment debtor;

            (5) the time for responding to the motion has expired; and

            (6) the fee required by Subsection 78A-2-301(1)(l) has been paid to the clerk of the court.

Enacted by Chapter 22, 2011 General Session