Title 78B Chapter 15 Section 104

Judicial Code
Utah Uniform Parentage Act
Section 104
Adjudication -- Jurisdiction.


78B-15-104.   Adjudication -- Jurisdiction.

            (1) The district court, the juvenile court, and the Office of Recovery Services in accordance with Section 62A-11-304.2 and Title 63G, Chapter 4, Administrative Procedures Act, are authorized to adjudicate parentage under Parts 1 through 6, and Part 9 of this chapter.

            (2) The district court and the juvenile court have jurisdiction over proceedings under Parts 7 and 8.

            (3) The court shall, without adjudicating paternity, dismiss a petition that is filed under this chapter by an unmarried biological father if he is not entitled to consent to the adoption of the child under Sections 78B-6-121 and 78B-6-122.

Amended by Chapter 237, 2010 General Session