Title 78B Chapter 15 Section 306

Judicial Code
Utah Uniform Parentage Act
Section 306
Proceeding for rescission.


78B-15-306.   Proceeding for rescission.

            (1) A signatory may rescind a declaration of paternity or denial of paternity by filing a voluntary rescission document with the Office of Vital Records in a form prescribed by the office before the earlier of:

            (a) 60 days after the effective date of the declaration or denial, as provided in Sections 78B-15-303 and 78B-15-304; or

            (b) the date of notice of the first adjudicative proceeding to which the signatory is a party, before a tribunal to adjudicate an issue relating to the child, including a proceeding that establishes support.

            (2) Upon receiving a voluntary rescission document from a signatory under Subsection (1), the Office of Vital Records shall provide notice of the rescission, by mail, to the other signatory at the last-known address of that signatory.

Renumbered and Amended by Chapter 3, 2008 General Session