Title 78B Chapter 15 Section 806

Judicial Code
Utah Uniform Parentage Act
Section 806
Termination of gestational agreement.


78B-15-806.   Termination of gestational agreement.

            (1) After issuance of an order under this part, but before the prospective gestational mother becomes pregnant by means of assisted reproduction, the prospective gestational mother, her husband, or either of the intended parents may terminate the gestational agreement only by giving written notice of termination to all other parties.

            (2) The tribunal for good cause shown also may terminate the gestational agreement.

            (3) An individual who terminates an agreement shall file notice of the termination with the tribunal. On receipt of the notice, the tribunal shall vacate the order issued under this part. An individual who does not notify the tribunal of the termination of the agreement is subject to appropriate sanctions.

            (4) Neither a prospective gestational mother nor her husband, if any, is liable to the intended parents for terminating an agreement pursuant to this section.

Renumbered and Amended by Chapter 3, 2008 General Session