SB0005 Substitute 1 - - Passed 29 - 0 - 0, 2/4/2014 11:45 AM
1SB 5
Executive Offices and Criminal Justice Base Budget
2nd Reading
Passage on 2nd & 3rd Under suspension of the rules
Yeas 29 Nays 0 Abs 0

Yeas - 29
Adams, J. S. Bramble, C. Christensen, A. Dabakis, J. Davis, G.
Dayton, M. Escamilla (Robles), L. Harper, W. Henderson, D. Hillyard, L.
Hinkins, D. Jenkins, S. Jones, P. Knudson, P. Madsen, M.
Mayne, K. Niederhauser, W. Okerlund, R. Osmond, A. Reid, S.
Shiozawa, B. Stephenson, H. Stevenson, J. Thatcher, D. Urquhart, S.
Valentine, J. Van Tassell, K. Vickers, E. Weiler, T.

Nays - 0

Absent or not voting - 0