HB0008 - House/ floor amendment - Failed 19 - 54 - 2, 3/9/2015 8:31 PM
HB 8
State Agency and Higher Education Compensation Appropriations
/ Hillyard
3rd Reading
Motion to Amend 1 - Division
Yeas 19 Nays 54 N/V 2 Closed

Yeas - 19
Arent, P. Briscoe, J. Chavez-Houck, R. Cunningham, R. Cutler, B. R.
DiCaro, S. Duckworth, S. Gibson, F. Hollins, S. King, Brad
King, Brian S. Lifferth, D. Miller, J. Moss, C. Noel, M.
Peterson, V. Poulson, M. Romero, A. Wheatley, M.

Nays - 54
Anderegg, J. Anderson, Johnny Barlow, S. Brown, M. Chew, S.
Christensen, L. Christofferson, K. Coleman, K. Cox, F. Cox, J.
Daw, B. Dee, B. Draxler, J. Dunnigan, J. Edwards, R.
Eliason, S. Fawson, J. Froerer, G. Greene, B. Grover, K.
Hall, C. Handy, S. Hawkes, T. Hughes, G. Hutchings, E.
Ipson, D. Ivory, K. Kennedy, M. Knotwell, J. McCay, D.
McIff, K. McKell, M. Nelson, M. Oda, C. Peterson, J.
Pitcher, D. Powell, K. Ray, P. Redd, E. Roberts, M.
Sagers, D. Sandall, S. Sanpei, D. Schultz, M. Snow, V. L.
Spendlove, R. Stanard, J. Stratton, K. Tanner, E. Thurston, N.
Ward, R. Webb, R. C. Westwood, J. Wilson, B.

Absent or not voting - 2
Last, B. Perry, L.