HB0287 Substitute 1 - - Passed 54 - 12 - 9, 2/24/2016 2:19 PM
1HB 287
Commission for the Stewardship of Public Lands and Private Donations for Public Lands Litigation
/ Okerlund
HNAE Substituted Amended 10-2-2
3rd Reading
Final Passage
Yeas 54 Nays 12 N/V 9 Closed

Yeas - 54
Anderegg, J. Anderson, Johnny Barlow, S. Brown, M. Chew, S.
Christensen, L. Christofferson, K. Coleman, K. Cox, F. Cunningham, R.
Cutler, B. R. Daw, B. Dee, B. DiCaro, S. Draxler, J.
Dunnigan, J. Edwards, R. Froerer, G. Greene, B. Grover, K.
Hall, C. Handy, S. Hawkes, T. Hutchings, E. Ipson, D.
Ivory, K. Kennedy, M. King, Brad Knotwell, J. Lifferth, D.
McCay, D. McIff, K. Nelson, M. Noel, M. Oda, C.
Owens, D. Perry, L. Peterson, J. Peterson, V. Pitcher, D.
Ray, P. Redd, E. Roberts, M. Sagers, D. Sandall, S.
Schultz, M. Snow, V. L. Spendlove, R. Stanard, J. Stratton, K.
Thurston, N. Ward, R. Webb, R. C. Westwood, J.

Nays - 12
Arent, P. Briscoe, J. Chavez-Houck, R. Duckworth, S. Hemingway, L.
Hollins, S. King, Brian S. Moss, C. Poulson, M. Romero, A.
Tanner, E. Wheatley, M.

Absent or not voting - 9
Eliason, S. Fawson, J. Gibson, F. Hughes, G. Last, B.
McKell, M. Powell, K. Sanpei, D. Wilson, B.