HCR011 - - Passed 67 - 0 - 8, 2/29/2016 11:04 AM
HCR 11
Concurrent Resolution Encouraging the Repayment of Funds Used to Keep National Parks, Monuments, and Recreation Areas Open
HNAE Passed 9-0-5
3rd Reading
Final Passage
Yeas 67 Nays 0 N/V 8 Closed

Yeas - 67
Anderegg, J. Anderson, Johnny Arent, P. Barlow, S. Briscoe, J.
Brown, M. Chavez-Houck, R. Chew, S. Christensen, L. Christofferson, K.
Coleman, K. Cox, F. Cunningham, R. Cutler, B. R. Daw, B.
Dee, B. DiCaro, S. Draxler, J. Duckworth, S. Dunnigan, J.
Edwards, R. Eliason, S. Fawson, J. Froerer, G. Gibson, F.
Greene, B. Grover, K. Hall, C. Handy, S. Hawkes, T.
Hemingway, L. Hollins, S. Hutchings, E. Ipson, D. Ivory, K.
Kennedy, M. King, Brian S. Knotwell, J. Last, B. Lifferth, D.
McCay, D. McIff, K. McKell, M. Nelson, M. Oda, C.
Owens, D. Perry, L. Peterson, J. Peterson, V. Pitcher, D.
Poulson, M. Ray, P. Redd, E. Roberts, M. Romero, A.
Sagers, D. Sandall, S. Sanpei, D. Snow, V. L. Spendlove, R.
Tanner, E. Thurston, N. Ward, R. Webb, R. C. Westwood, J.
Wheatley, M. Wilson, B.

Nays - 0

Absent or not voting - 8
Hughes, G. King, Brad Moss, C. Noel, M. Powell, K.
Schultz, M. Stanard, J. Stratton, K.