HB0408 - - Passed 38 - 36 - 1, 3/6/2017 10:55 PM
HB 408
State Property and School and Institutional Trust Land Amendments
HNAE Amended 11-0-2
3rd Reading
Final Passage
Yeas 38 Nays 36 N/V 1 Closed

Yeas - 38
Albrecht, C. Barlow, S. Brooks, W. Christensen, L. Christofferson, K.
Coleman, K. Daw, B. Eliason, S. Gardiner, A. Gibson, F.
Greene, B. Grover, K. Hawkes, T. Hughes, G. Hutchings, E.
Ivory, K. Knotwell, J. Last, B. McCay, D. Noel, M.
Owens, D. Perry, L. Peterson, V. Quinn, T. Ray, P.
Roberts, M. Sagers, D. Sandall, S. Sanpei, D. Schultz, M.
Snow, V. L. Stanard, J. Stratton, K. Thurston, N. Watkins, C.
Westwood, J. Wilde, L. Wilson, B.

Nays - 36
Arent, P. Briscoe, J. Chavez-Houck, R. Chew, S. Cutler, B. R.
Duckworth, S. Dunnigan, J. Edwards, R. Fawson, J. Froerer, G.
Hall, C. Handy, S. Hemingway, L. Hollins, S. Kennedy, M.
King, Brian S. Kwan, K. Lisonbee, K. Maloy, A.C. Miles, K.
Moss, C. Moss, J. Nelson, M. Peterson, J. Pitcher, D.
Potter, V. Poulson, M. Pulsipher, S. Redd, E. Romero, A.
Spendlove, R. Ward, R. Webb, R. C. Weight, E. Wheatley, M.
Winder, M.

Absent or not voting - 1
McKell, M.