HCR012 Substitute 1 - - Passed 65 - 2 - 8, 2/16/2018 10:23 AM
1HCR 12
Concurrent Resolution Calling upon Congress to Assure a Complete and Accurate 2020 Census
/ Van Tassell
HEDW Substituted 9-0-1
Final Passage
Yeas 65 Nays 2 N/V 8 Closed

Yeas - 65
Acton, C.K. Albrecht, C. Arent, P. Barlow, S. Briscoe, J.
Brooks, W. Chavez-Houck, R. Chew, S. Christensen, L. Christofferson, K.
Coleman, K. Cutler, B. R. Daw, B. Duckworth, S. Dunnigan, J.
Edwards, R. Eliason, S. Froerer, G. Gibson, F. Greene, B.
Grover, K. Hall, C. Handy, S. Hawkes, T. Hollins, S.
Hutchings, E. Ivory, K. Kennedy, M. King, Brian S. Knotwell, J.
Last, B. Lisonbee, K. Maloy, A.C. McKell, M. Miles, K.
Moss, C. Moss, J. Nelson, M. Owens, D. Perry, L.
Peterson, J. Peterson, V. Pitcher, D. Potter, V. Poulson, M.
Pulsipher, S. Quinn, T. Redd, E. Roberts, M. Romero, A.
Sandall, S. Schultz, M. Seegmiller, T. Snow, V. L. Spendlove, R.
Thurston, N. Ward, R. Watkins, C. Webb, R. C. Weight, E.
Westwood, J. Wheatley, M. Wilde, L. Wilson, B. Winder, M.

Nays - 2
McCay, D. Robertson, A.

Absent or not voting - 8
Fawson, J. Hemingway, L. Hughes, G. Kwan, K. Noel, M.
Ray, P. Sagers, D. Stratton, K.