SB0008 Substitute 1 - - Passed 68 - 0 - 7, 3/12/2019 5:37 PM
1SB 8
State Agency Fees and Internal Service Fund Rate Authorization and Appropriations
/ Moss J
Senate 3rd Reading
Final Passage
Yeas 68 Nays 0 N/V 7 Closed

Yeas - 68
Albrecht, C. Andersen, K. Arent, P. Ballard, M.G. Barlow, S.
Brammer, B. Briscoe, J. Brooks, W. Chew, S. Christofferson, K.
Coleman, K. Dailey-Provost, J. Daw, B. Duckworth, S. Dunnigan, J.
Eliason, S. Ferry, J. Gibson, F. Hall, C. Handy, S.
Harrison, S. Hawkes, T. Hawkins, J. Hollins, S. Johnson, D.N.
Judkins, M. King, Brian S. Knotwell, J. Kwan, K. Last, B.
Lisonbee, K. Lyman, P. Maloy, A.C. McKell, M. Miles, K.
Moss, C. Moss, J. Nelson, M. Owens, D. Perry, L.
Peterson, V. Pitcher, S. Potter, V. Poulson, M. Pulsipher, S.
Quinn, T. Ray, P. Roberts, M. Robertson, A. Romero, A.
Sagers, D. Shipp, R.P. Shurtliff, L. Snider, C. Snow, V. L.
Spendlove, R. Stenquist, J. Stoddard, A. Stratton, K. Strong M.A.
Waldrip, S. Ward, R. Watkins, C. Weight, E. Wheatley, M.
Wilde, L. Wilson, B. Winder, M.

Nays - 0

Absent or not voting - 7
Acton, C.K. Hutchings, E. Ivory, K. Musselman, C.R. Schultz, M.
Seegmiller, T. Thurston, N.