SJR002 - - Passed 27 - 1 - 1, 1/24/2022 11:54 AM
Joint Resolution Urging Congress to Propose the Keep Nine Amendment to the United States Constitution
SJLC Passed 5-1-1
2nd Reading
Passage on Second
Yeas 27 Nays 1 Abs 1

Yeas - 27
Adams, J. S. Anderegg, J. Bramble, C. Buxton, D. G. Cullimore, K. A.
Davis, G. Escamilla, L. Fillmore, L. Grover, K. Harper, W.
Hinkins, D. Ipson, D. Iwamoto, J. Johnson, J. Kennedy, M.
McCay, D. McKell, M. Millner, A. Owens, D.R. Riebe, K.
Sandall, S. Stevenson, J. Thatcher, D. Vickers, E. Weiler, T.
Wilson, C. Winterton, R.

Nays - 1
Kitchen, D.

Absent or not voting - 1
Mayne, K.