HB0379 Substitute 2 - - Passed 18 - 5 - 6, 3/1/2024 11:27 AM
2HB 379
Federalism Commission Amendments
2nd Reading
Passage on 2nd & 3rd Under suspension of the rules
Ayes 18 Nays 5 Abs 6

Yeas - 18
Adams, J. Stuart Balderree, H. Buxton, D. G. Fillmore, L. Grover, K.
Harper, W. Hinkins, D. Ipson, D. Johnson, J. Kennedy, M.
McKell, M. Owens, D.R. Sandall, S. Stevenson, J. Vickers, E.
Weiler, T. Wilson, C. Winterton, R.

Nays - 5
Blouin, N. Kwan, K. Pitcher, S. Plumb, J. Riebe, K.

Absent or not voting - 6
Bramble, C. Cullimore, K. A. Escamilla, L. McCay, D. Millner, A.
Thatcher, D.