SB0011 Substitute 1 - Senate/ concurs with House amendment - Passed 24 - 0 - 5, 2/2/2024 11:22 AM
1SB 11
Sex and Kidnap Offender Registry Access
Final Passage
Ayes 24 Nays 0 Abs 5

Yeas - 24
Adams, J. Stuart Balderree, H. Blouin, N. Buxton, D. G. Cullimore, K. A.
Escamilla, L. Fillmore, L. Grover, K. Harper, W. Hinkins, D.
Ipson, D. Kennedy, M. Kwan, K. McCay, D. Millner, A.
Owens, D.R. Pitcher, S. Plumb, J. Riebe, K. Sandall, S.
Vickers, E. Weiler, T. Wilson, C. Winterton, R.

Nays - 0

Absent or not voting - 5
Bramble, C. Johnson, J. McKell, M. Stevenson, J. Thatcher, D.