SJR009 - - Passed 22 - 0 - 7, 2/2/2024 3:31 PM
Joint Resolution Honoring Utah's Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Cultures and Communities
STPT Amended 5-0-2
2nd Reading
Passage on Second
Ayes 22 Nays 0 Abs 7

Yeas - 22
Adams, J. Stuart Balderree, H. Blouin, N. Buxton, D. G. Escamilla, L.
Harper, W. Ipson, D. Johnson, J. Kennedy, M. Kwan, K.
McCay, D. Millner, A. Owens, D.R. Pitcher, S. Plumb, J.
Riebe, K. Stevenson, J. Thatcher, D. Vickers, E. Weiler, T.
Wilson, C. Winterton, R.

Nays - 0

Absent or not voting - 7
Bramble, C. Cullimore, K. A. Fillmore, L. Grover, K. Hinkins, D.
McKell, M. Sandall, S.