Administrative Rules Review Committee

Utah Legislature

Monday, June 16, 2014 9:00 a.m. Room 30 House Building



9:00 1. Committee Business

Call to order

Approval of the minutes of the May 12, 2014, meeting



9:05 2. Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control: Change in Permit Review Practice

Salvador D. Petilos, Director, Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control

Nina McDermott, Director, Licensing and Compliance, Department of Alcoholic

Beverage Control

Sheila Page, Assistant Attorney General



10:05 3. County Health Departments and Boards: Safety, Emissions, and Governance

Committee staff presentation

Constituent concerns with safety and emissions inspection process

Industry concerns with safety and emissions process

Representatives of county health departments and county health boards to participate in the discussion, including:

- Cameron Mitchell, Utah Association of Local Health Departments

- Lloyd Berentzen, Health Officer/Executive Director, Bear River Health Department

- Lewis Garrett, Health Officer/Executive Director, Davis County Health Department

- Gary Edwards, Health Officer/Executive Director, Salt Lake County Health Department

Arie Van De Graff, Utah Association of Counties


11:20 4. Committee Business

Future meeting dates: July 14, 2014

Future agenda items



11:40 5. Adjourn