Wednesday, July 16, 2014 2:30 p.m. Room 30 House Building




2:30 1. Committee Business

         Call to order

         Approval of the minutes of the June 18, 2014, meeting



2:35 2. High-Demand Occupations Requiring Career and Technical Education

The committee will hear from employers regarding occupations in high demand for which a career and technical education background is required. Representatives of the public education system, Utah College of Applied Technology, and higher education system will address the issue of how to meet the demand for workers requiring career and technical education.


         Todd R. Bingham, President, Utah Manufacturers Association; Robert Despain, Vice President, Business Development, Petersen, Inc.; and Steven D. Marler, Director, Manufacturing, Fresenious Medical Care

         Mary Shumway, State Director, State Career and Technical Education, Utah State Office of Education

         Robert O. Brems, President, Utah College of Applied Technology

         Blair K. Carruth, Assistant Commissioner, Academic and Student Affairs, Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education

         Committee discussion/action



3:45 3. Security of Statewide Networks

Network security is a high priority of agencies responsible for the operation of statewide networks. The committee will be briefed on infrastructure and security issues relating to statewide networks.


         Dr. Ray Timothy, Executive Director, Utah Education Network; and Mark VanOrden, CIO and Executive Director, Department of Technology Services

         Committee discussion/action



4:20 4. Implementation of S.B. 34, "Statewide Data Alliance and Utah Futures"

S.B. 34, "Statewide Data Alliance and Utah Futures," enacted in the 2014 General Session, appropriates money for a statewide data system for public education, higher education, and workforce data. The bill also establishes a panel to evaluate Utah Futures and determine whether any or all components of Utah Futures should be outsourced to a private provider. The committee will receive an update on the implementation of S.B. 34.

         Tami W. Pyfer, Education Advisor, Governor's Office

         Robert O. Brems and Dr. Judy Park, Cochairs, Utah Data Alliance



5:00 5. Other Items/Adjourn