Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

Interim Committee

Utah Legislature


Wednesday, September 17, 2014 9:00 a.m. Room 25 House Building




Time Frame


9:00 1. Committee Business

            Call to order Sen. Todd Weiler, Senate Chair

            Approval of the minutes of the July 16, 2014, meeting

            Other committee business


9:15 2. Forfeited Property Report

The Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice (CCJJ) is required by Utah Code

Subsection 24-4-117(12) to report each year on the equitable sharing of funds or property reported by Utah law enforcement agencies on federal asset forfeiture cases.

            Doreen Weyland, Contract/Grant Analyst, Commission on Criminal and

Juvenile Justice


9:30 3. Multi-Agency Strike Force

The strike force was organized to combat violent and other major felony crimes associated with illegal immigration and human trafficking. The strike force is required by Utah Code Subsection 67-5-22.7(6) to report annually on this issue.

            Leo Lucey, Chief of Law Enforcement, Utah Office of the Attorney



9:50 4. Penalty for Traffic Violation Causing a Death

The draft bill would provide that a violation of the Traffic Code, otherwise punishable as an infraction or a class C misdemeanor, is a class B misdemeanor if, as a result of the violation, the operator of the vehicle causes the death of another person.

            Representative Patrice Arent


10:30 5. Federal 1033 Program

The federal 1033 program distributes surplus military weapons and equipment to local law enforcement agencies. The purpose of this presentation is to learn what type of equipment and weapons have been disbursed to law enforcement agencies throughout Utah, how many law enforcement agencies participate in the program, and what mechanisms may be in place to hold local law enforcement accountable for how they utilize the equipment.

            Dan Martinez, 1033 and 1122 Program State Coordinator, State Surplus Property Program

            Marina Lowe, Legislative and Policy Counsel, American Civil Liberties Union of Utah

            Commissioner Keith Squires, Department of Public Safety



10:50 6. Gang Issues in Utah

The committee will discuss gang related issues such as increasing numbers, cartels, and street gangs. The committee may consider methods for addressing these gang related issues and what Utah can do to get ahead of the problem.


            Kris Murphy, Community Outreach Director, Ogden Police Department

            Shane Keyes, Ogden Police Metro Gang Unit


11:40 7. Adjourn