Social Services Appropriations Subcommittee


The committee chairs have scheduled the following meeting:


                                    DATE:      Friday, February 5, 2016

                                    TIME:       7:59 a.m.

                                    PLACE:    Room 30, House Building




Sen. Allen M. Christensen, Chair

Rep. Paul Ray, Chair

Rep. Edward H. Redd, House Vice Chair



                  Sen. Luz Escamilla                                          Rep. Melvin R. Brown

                  Sen. Lincoln Fillmore                                      Rep. Rebecca Chavez-Houck

                  Sen. Deidre M. Henderson                               Rep. Bradley M. Daw

                  Sen. Alvin B. Jackson                                      Rep. Sandra Hollins

                  Sen. Mark B. Madsen                                      Rep. Robert Spendlove

                  Sen. Brian E. Shiozawa                                    Rep. Earl D. Tanner

                  Sen. Todd Weiler                                             Rep. Ray Ward


Staff:         Russell T. Frandsen, Fiscal Analyst                 Stephen C. Jardine, Fiscal Analyst

                                                                                          Tonya Hadley, Secretary



Please be aware that the public portions of this meeting will be broadcast live over the Internet. Also, be aware that an audio recording of the public portions of this meeting, along with any materials presented or distributed in the public portions of this meeting, will be posted on the Legislature’s website. Witnesses with questions or concerns should contact staff.


In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, persons needing auxiliary communicative aids and services for this meeting should call the Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel at 801-538-1032 or use Relay Utah (toll free in-state 7-1-1 or Spanish-language 888-346-3162), giving them at least 48 hours notice or the best notice practicable. Every effort will be made to accommodate requests for aids and services for effective communication during the annual General Session. However, please note that given the unpredictable and fast-paced nature of the legislative process, it is essential that you notify us of an accommodation request as soon as possible. Failure to do so in some circumstances may result in the Utah Legislature’s inability to accommodate the request.



Social Services Appropriations Subcommittee

Friday, February 5, 2016 – 7:59 A.M.


Please note: The chairs have asked, for those who will present requests for funding, that you provide to the Legislative Fiscal Analyst at least one day prior to your presentation a detailed and itemized budget indicating how you will spend the money, if funded, within the specified timeframe. Further, you should indicate how you will measure success. If you do not have a detailed and itemized budget indicating how you will spend the money within the specified timeframe and performance measures, you will be asked to come back if and when you have a detailed and specific budget plan.


1.      7:59 a.m.   Call to Order

2.      8:00 a.m.   Unfinished Items from the Previous Agenda

3.      8:05 a.m.   Public Input on Topics on Today's Agenda - Must contact Debbie Benson before 1 p.m. Thursday, February 4th at 801-538-1034 to be considered.  To maximize the number of people who can provide public testimony, each person is limited to testifying twice on Social Services issues unless authorized by the chairs.


4.      8:30 a.m.   Requests for Appropriation


a.       Medical Treatment of Children in State Care Improvements/SB0082 - Request for Appropriation (Sen. Harper)

b.      Foster Families of Utah - Request for Appropriation (Sen.Weiler)

c.       System of Care Development – Request for Appropriation (Rep. Redd)

d.      USU Assistive Technology Satellite Lab – Uintah Basin (Rep. Redd)

e.       DSPD Transportation Provider Reimbursement Increase – Request for Appropriation (Rep. Redd)

f.       H.B. 259, Substance Abuse Treatment Fraud (Rep. Hutchings)

g.       Clubhouse Utah – Request for Appropriation (Sen. Weiler)

5.      8:50 a.m.   Building Block Requests - USOR

a.       Independent Living Center Increased Services

b.      Independent Living Assistive Technology Program

c.       Staff to Support Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired

d.      Sign Language Interpreter Certification Program

e.       Compliance Officer for USOR

6.      9:15 a.m.   SUCCESS Examples and Progress - Department of Health

7.      9:35 a.m.   SUCCESS Examples and Progress - Department of Human Services

8.      9:55 a.m.   SUCCESS Examples and Progress - Department of Workforce Services

9.      10:05 a.m. SUCCESS Examples and Progress - USOR

10.  10:15 a.m. Building Block Lists (Distribute Lists)

11.  10:45 a.m. Items from the Next Meeting’s Agenda

12.  10:50 a.m. Other Business