Room 250, Utah State Capitol

February 5, 2016


Members Present:     Sen. Allen M. Christensen

                                    Sen. Luz Escamilla

                                    Sen. Peter C. Knudson

                                    Sen. Brian E. Shiozawa

                                    Sen. Kevin T. Van Tassell


Excused Absence:     Sen. Evan J. Vickers, Chair


Staff Present:             Mr. Mark D. Andrews, Policy Analyst

                                    Ms. Nancy Skidmore, Committee Secretary


NOTE:  A list of visitors and a copy of handouts are filed with the committee minutes.


Sen. Christensen called the meeting to order at 4:04 p.m.


MOTION:  Sen. Van Tassell moved to approve the minutes of the February 2, 2016 meeting. The motion passed unanimously with Sen. Knudson absent for the vote.    


S.C.R. 9       Concurrent Resolution on the Public Health Crisis (Sen.T. Weiler)


Sen.Weiler explained the bill to the committee.


Spoke for the bill:       Dr. Jenny Brown, Utah Coalition Against Pornography, United Women’s Forum

                                    Dr. Brian Willoughby

                                    Dr. Adam M. Moore, Marriage and Family Therapist

                                    Ms. Pamela Atkinson, Director, Utah Coalition Against Pornography

                                    Mr. Clay Olsen, CEO/Co-founder, Fight the New Drug

                                    Mr. Scott Wright

                                    Ms. Elisa Seegmiller

                                    Ms. Rachel Peterson, Safety Commissioner, Parent Teacher Association

                                    Ms. Kari Myers

                                    Mr. Stan Rasmussen, Director of Public Affairs, Sutherland Institute

                                    Ms. Laura Bunker, President, United Families International

                                    Ms. Gail Ruzicka, Eagle Forum

                                    Ms. Maryanne Christensen, Executive Director, Utah Eagle Forum, Director, Citizens for Strong Families

                                    Ms. Coryn Carver

                                    Ms. Sherie Christensen, Therapist

                                    Ms. Pamela Atkinson, Chair, Coalition Against Ponography



MOTION:  Sen. Van Tassell moved to pass the bill out favorably. The motion passed



MOTION:  Sen. Knudson moved to adjourn. The motion passed unanimously.


Sen. Christensen adjourned the meeting at 5:08 p.m.




Sen. Evan J. Vickers, Chair