Wednesday, May 17, 2017 1:15 p.m. Room 445 State Capitol


1.    Committee Business

         Call to order

         Approval of the minutes of the November 16, 2016, meeting


2.    Vision and Goals for Tax Reform

         President Niederhauser

         Speaker Hughes

         Sen. Stephenson and Rep. Eliason

         Public comment

         Committee discussion/action


3.    Review of Income Tax Credits

         Background - Committee staff

         Income tax credits required to be reviewed during the 2017 Interim:

o   59-7-601 Interest income from state and federal securities

o   59-7-607 and 59-10-1010 Low-income housing

o   59-7-612 Qualifying research expenses

o   59-7-614.1 and 59-10-1105 Purchase of hand tool costing over $250 to be used in farming operations

o   59-7-614.5 and 59-10-1108 Production costs of state-approved motion picture production

o   59-10-1004 Contributions to a nonprofit rehabilitation facility serving persons with a disability

o   59-10-1015 Live organ donation expenses

o   59-10-1025 Investment in life science establishment developing or manufacturing medical products

o   59-10-1027 Tax liability of an individual who dies in military service in a combat zone

o   59-10-1031 Employment of recently deployed veteran

o   59-10-1032 Employment of person who is homeless

o   59-10-1035 Contribution to state Achieving a Better Life Experience Program account (Effective 2016)

o   59-10-1104 Adoption of child who has a special need

o   59-13-202 Gas tax on gas used for nonhighway agricultural uses

         Public comment

         Committee discussion/action


4.    Long-Term Planning

         Utah State Tax Commission

         Public comment

         Committee discussion/action


5.    Technical Cleanup of Local Option Sales and Use Tax Distribution Formula

         Background - Committee staff

         Public comment

         Committee discussion/action


6.    Taxation of Military Disability Income

         Overview - Committee staff

         Public comment

         Committee discussion/action


7.    Other Items/Adjourn

         Next meeting

         Open committee bill files