Wednesday, November 15, 2017 • 8:30 a.m. • Room 445 State Capitol

1. Committee Business

Call to order

Approval of the minutes of the September 20, 2017, and November 1, 2017, meetings

2. Recodification of the Public Education Code (Draft Legislation)

Throughout the interim, the committee has discussed the recodification of the public education code, including opening four committee bill files. The committee will discuss this draft legislation.

Sen. Ann Millner and Rep. Val L. Peterson

Committee discussion/action

3. Educator Preparation and Licensure (Draft Legislation)

The committee will follow up on previous legislative discussions related to educator preparation and licensure. In the September 19, 2017, Higher Education Appropriations Subcommittee meeting, the subcommittee discussed the number of credit hours required to receive a bachelor’s degree. In the September 20, 2017, Education Interim Committee meeting, the committee opened a bill file to make the statutory changes necessary to implement recommendations from the Utah State Board of Education Licensing Task Force. The committee will discuss the credit requirement for a bachelor’s degree in education and consider draft legislation related to educator licensure.

Sen. Ann Millner and Rep. Val L. Peterson

Elizabeth J. Hitch, Associate Commissioner, Academic and Student Affairs, Utah System of Higher Education

Diana Suddreth, Director, Teaching and Learning, Utah State Board of Education

Committee discussion/action

4. Statewide Goals and Outcome Metrics for Education, Preschool through Advanced Degrees and Careers (P-20)

In the September 20, 2017, meeting, the committee received draft statewide goals and outcome metrics for preschool through advanced degrees and careers (referred to as P-20). The committee will continue the discussion of these goals and metrics, and individuals representing agencies that participated in developing the goals and metrics will be available to answer questions.

Sen. Ann Millner and Rep. Val L. Peterson

Committee discussion/action


5. Powers and Duties of the Utah State Board of Regents

2017 General Session S.B. 238, “Higher Education Governance Revisions,” amended the powers and duties of the Utah State Board of Regents. The committee will receive information about how the board is fulfilling those and other statutorily required responsibilities.

David L. Buhler, Commissioner, Utah System of Higher Education

Committee discussion/action

6. Legislative Audit: A Review of the Procurement Process for the U of U’s Heritage

1K Project (Report #2017-09)

In accordance with Utah Code Section 36-12-8, the Legislative Audit Subcommittee passed a motion referring this audit of a University of Utah procurement. The committee has been asked by the Legislative Audit Subcommittee to determine, based on this information, whether appropriate action is being taken to address the audit findings.

Leah Blevins, Audit Supervisor, Office of the Legislative Auditor General

Representative, University of Utah

Committee discussion/action

7. Utah Data Research Center Update

2016 General Session S.B. 194, “Utah Data Research Center,” established the Utah Data Research Center within the Department of Workforce Services. The committee will hear an update on the progress in establishing the center, and will have the opportunity to provide input regarding the center’s data research priorities.

Carrie Mayne, Chief Economist and Director, Workforce Research and Analysis Division, Department of Workforce Services.

8. Other Committee Business/Adjourn