Veterans and Military Affairs Commission

Utah Legislature

Tuesday, November 13, 2018 • 10:00 a.m. • Room 30 House Building


      1.      Commission Business

                       •  Call to order

                       •  Approval of the minutes of the October 9, 2018, meeting



      2.      Update: Implementation of 2018 General Session S.B. 227 Licensing Standards for Military Spouses

The commission will receive an update on the origins and efforts to assist military spouses when transferring state to state. The update will also address implementation details, the recognition Utah is receiving from its efforts on this issue, and how providing assistance contributes to a better quality of life for Utah’s military families.


                       •  Sen. Todd Weiler

                       •  Ted Frederick, Director, Military Affairs, Utah Department of Veterans and Military Affairs



      3.      Incentives for Employing Deployable Servicemembers

In the October 9 meeting, the commission received a staff presentation on incentives provided by states to encourage employers to hire servicemembers who could be deployed to active duty. Based on the presentation, Mr. Harter and Mr. Garrett indicated their willingness to address with commission staff some potential statutory adjustments and bring back recommendations for further commission discussion.


                       •  Committee staff

                       •  Gary Harter, commission member

                       •  Brian Garrett, commission member



      4.      Report: USS Utah

The commission will receive a presentation on the USS Utah, a Virginia Class submarine, currently under construction. The presentation will also address the role of the USS Utah Commissioning Committee and its participation in the various construction milestones and events. 


                       •  Ken Gunderson, CAPT USN ret and Chair, USS Utah Commissioning Committee



      5.      Report: @Ease Program

The commission will receive a presentation on the progress of the @Ease program, a joint initiative of the Utah Attorney General’s Office and the Utah Department of Veterans and Military Affairs. @Ease provides veterans and soldiers free legal services through partnerships with the private sector. It was launched in June 2018.    


                       •  Brian Tarbet, Chief Civil Deputy Attorney General, Office of the Attorney General

                       •  Larry Schmidt, Director, @Ease Program, Office of the Attorney General



      6.              Adjourn