wpg9b9d.gif wpg9bad.gif wpg9bbe.gif wpg9bbf.gif wpg9bd0.gif wpg9be0.gif Tuesday, May 14, 09                | 4:00 PM | Room 44 Capitol Building President J. Stuart Adams, Co-Chair ● Speaker Brad R. Wilson, Co-Chair

Senator Evan J. Vickers ● Senator Karen Mayne ● Representative Francis D. Gibson ● Representative Brian S. King

1. Committee Business

Call to order

2. Audit Report Presentations

The committee will hear presentations on the following performance audits:

A Performance Audit of the University of Utah’s Laboratory Safety Practices (Report#2019-0 6)

o Presented by: Brian Dean, Deputy Auditor General

Tim Bereece, Audit Supervisor

o Response by: Dr. Andrew Weyrich, Vice President, Research, University of Utah

Fred Monette, Interim Director, Environmental Health and Safety, University of Utah

A Performance Audit of Tooele County’s Sale of the Utah Motorsports Campus (Report#2019


o Presented by: Benn Buys, Audit Manager

Jim Behunin, Audit Supervisor

o Response by: Tom Tripp, County Commissioner, Tooele County

3. Prioritization of Audits

4. Other Items/Adjourn

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