1.    Committee Business

       Call to order

       Approval of the minutes of the May 15, 2019, meeting


2.    Early Childhood Learning

The committee will discuss what Utah is doing in pre-K and K-3 areas and what are the recognized best practices and effective programs used by other states.

        Sara Wiebke, K-3 Literacy Specialist, Utah State Board of Education

       Shannon Ference, Elementary Math Specialist, Utah State Board of Education

       Tracy Gruber, Director, Office of Child Care, Department of Workforce Services

       Dr. Parker Fawson, Emma Eccles Jones College of Education Endowed Chair, Director of the Center for the School of the Future, Utah State University

       Committee discussion/ action


3.    Compulsory Education, Truancy, and Chronic Absenteeism

The committee will discuss the issues surrounding truancy and chronic absenteeism in Utah recommendations to address this issue.

       Patty Norman, Deputy Superintendent of Student Achievement, Utah State Board of Education

       Corby Eason, Student Support and Prevention Specialist, Utah State Board of Education

       Neira Siaperas, Juvenile Court Administrator

       Representative Lowry Snow

       Committee discussion/ action


4.    RISE Testing

The committee will hear a presentation from the State Board of Education regarding the recent RISE testing interruptions.

       Sydnee Dickson, Superintendent, Utah State Board of Education

       Darin Nielsen, Assistant Superintendent of Student Achievement, Uta State Board of Education

       Committee discussion/ action


5.    Other Items/Adjourn