1.    Committee Business

·         Call to order

·         Approval of the minutes of the June 19, 2019, meeting


2.    Follow Up Report: Status of State Airplane Fleet

The June 19 airplane fleet update addressed aircraft maintenance life cycles, the state of the current fleet, annual expenses, emerging mechanical problems, and financing options. During the discussion, committee members requested additional data and information related to the state airplane fleet. This follow up presentation will focus on recommendations for how the state should go forward with its approach to providing airplanes for state use.  

·         Division of Aeronautics, Department of Transportation

·         Committee discussion/action


3.    Annual Report:

The Department of Transportation and the Transportation Commission are required to jointly make an annual report regarding “the operation, maintenance, condition, mobility, and safety needs for state transportation systems” (Utah Code Subsection 72-1-201(1)(i)).

·         Representatives of the Department of Transportation and the Transportation Commission

·         Committee discussion/action


4.    Draft legislation, “Towing Signage Revisions”

The committee will discuss potential legislation establishing signage requirements for towing from private property.

·         Representative Cory Maloy

·         Committee discussion/action


5.    Utah Transit Authority and Public-Private Partnerships

The Utah Transit Authority is required to annually report to the Transportation Interim Committee regarding its efforts “to engage in public-private partnerships for public transit services” (Utah Code Subsection 17B-2a-808.1(2)(i)).  

·         Representatives of Utah Transit Authority

·         Committee discussion/action


6.     Recent and Upcoming Transit Improvements with New UTA Resources

2015 General Session H.B. 362 Transportation Infrastructure Funding authorized counties to impose a sales and use tax for highways and public transit. The presentation will focus on what has been done with these new resources. 

·         UTA Board of Trustees

·         Committee discussion/action


7.     Other Items/Adjourn