Tuesday, June 16, 2020 | 9:00 AM | 25 House Building


1.    Committee Business

Call to order

• Approval of the minutes of the November 20, 2019, meeting



2.    Staff overview

·         Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Legislation

·         Open and Public Meetings Act

·         Interim study items/committee bill files



3.    Testing for COVID-19

The committee will study potential changes to Utah Code Section 78B-8-402 to allow

for mandated COVID-19-related testing for peace officers, health care providers, and



·         Sen. Karen Mayne

·         Rep. Eric Hutchings

·         Mike Brown, Chief of Police, Salt Lake City

·         Linda Viti, Assistant Attorney General, Legal Counsel for the Department of Public Safety

·         Todd Hixson, Wes Bountiful Police Chief and Vice President of Utah Police Chiefs Association

·         Committee discussion

·         Public comment


4.    Choke Hold Prohibition

The committee will study the potential prohibition of the use of choke holds by law enforcement.


·         Sen. Evan Vickers

·         Rep. Sandra Hollins

·         Committee discussion

·         Public comment


5.    Correctional Facility COVID Protocols

The committee will study correctional facility protocols considering COVID-19 concerns.  

·         Mike Haddon, Executive Director, Department of Corrections

·         Chief Matt Dumont, Chief Deputy, Salt Lake County Jail

·         Sen. Jani Iwamoto

·         Will Carlson, Deputy District Attorney, Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office

·         Jenn Oxborrow, LCSW, and Executive Director, Utah Domestic Violence Coalition

·         Michael Drechsel, Legislative Liaison, Administrative Office of the Courts

·         Committee discussion

·         Public comment



6.    Peer Support Programs

The committee will study peer support programs and mental health services for first responders.

·         Rep. Karen Kwan

·         Brent Shelby, Utah State FOP Officer Wellness Coordinator

·         Lincoln Shurtz, Director of Government Affairs, Utah Association of Counties

·         Committee discussion

·         Public comment


7.    Fraud

The committee will study anti-fraud measures and look at how law enforcement can aggressively target scammers leveraging pandemic fears.

·         Daniel O’Bannon, Director of the Division of Consumer Protection

·         Chief Brian Redd, State Bureau of Investigation

·         Committee discussion

·         Public comment


8.    Clarify Disaster Response Statutes

The committee will study issues related to disaster response authority as outlined in Title 53-2a.


·         Staff presentation and update on changes made during the special session

·         Committee discussion

·         Public comment


9.    Master Offense List

The committee will receive a report from the Utah Sentencing Commission on the updated Master Offense List.

·         Monica Diaz, Utah Sentencing Commission

·         Committee discussion

·         Public comment


10. Other items/Adjourn