Tuesday, September 14, 2021 | 1:00 PM | 30 House Building

1.    Commission Business

         Call to order

         Approval of the minutes of the November 12, 2020 meeting

         Study items review

         Commission business


2.    Drought Review and Water Supply

The committee will discuss the current water supply, projected water supply, and the emergency declaration due to drought and the activities of the Drought Response Committee.

         Candace Hasenyager, Director, Division of Water Resources

         Committee discussion/action


3.    Instream Water Flow

The committee will discuss issues addressing instream water flow.

         Rep. Joel Ferry

         Committee discussion/action


4.    Water Rights Proofs on Small Amounts of Water

The committee will consider draft legislation regarding the requirements for a proof submitted to the state engineer regarding a small amount of water.

         Teresa Wilhelmsen, State Engineer, Division Director, Division of Water Rights

         Sen. Scott Sandall

         Committee discussion/action


5.    Utah Water Issues

The committee will discuss the North Lake Powell Accord, Navajo Water Settlement, Federal infrastructure bill, and water infrastructure needs of Southern Utah.

         Rep. Phil Lyman

         Committee discussion/action


6.    Adjourn