Higher Education Tuition Increases for 2014-2015 - Spencer C. Pratt
Last Updated: May 28, 2014

Following the 2014 General Session, the State Board of Regents met and approved a 4.0% first-tier tuition increase for the 2014-2015 academic year for the Utah System of Higher Education.  In addition to the first-tier tuition, the Regents also approved second-tier tuition increases for the University of Utah (1.8%), Utah State University (1.5%), and Snow College (2.0%).  The increases are projected to generate approximately $32.2 million.  Of this amount, $26.6 million will be allocated for compensation and targeted salary increases, $1.7 million is for Student Support and Initiatives, $2.4 million is for Academic Support and Initiatives, $1.0 million is for utilities and maintenance, $400,000 is for scholarships, and $100,000 is for other mandated costs.  The following table shows the tuition increases, as well as the Regents-approved student fee increases.

 USHE Tuition and Fee Increases for 2014-2015 
  1st tier2nd tierTotalFees 
 University of Utah4.0%1.8%5.8%6.3% 
 Utah State University4.0%1.5%5.5%2.5% 
 Weber State University4.0%0.0%4.0%3.2% 
 Southern Utah University4.0%0.0%4.0%0.8% 
 Utah Valley University4.0%0.0%4.0%1.4% 
 Snow College4.0%2.0%6.0%0.0% 
 Dixie State College4.0%0.0%4.0%3.0% 
 Salt Lake Community College4.0%0.0%4.0%2.5% 

In April 2014, the Utah College of Applied Technology (UCAT) Board of Trustees approved membership hour tuition on UCAT campuses as shown in the following table.  The increase at Davis ATC is offset by a reduction in student fees while the increase at Ogden Weber ATC is expected to fund two positions in the student services center.

 UCAT Membership Hour Tuition Rates 2014 and 2015 
   FY 2014 FY 2015 
 Bridgerland ATC $1.75  $1.75  
 Davis ATC $1.90  $2.00  
 Dixie ATC $2.00  $2.00  
 Mountainland ATC $2.00  $2.00  
 Ogden Weber ATC $1.75  $1.80  
 Southwest ATC $1.75  $1.75  
 Tooele ATC $1.75  $1.75  
 Uintah Basin ATC $2.00  $2.00