Snow College Concurrent Enrollment Update - Spencer C. Pratt
Last Updated: October 16, 2014

During the 2014 General Session, the Legislature passed S.B. 38, "Snow College Concurrent Education Program."  The bill requires Snow College to provide concurrent enrollment courses to high school students, which can be applied toward an Associate's degree. The bill also requires that Snow College deliver the program through interactive video conferencing (IVC) and provide advisory support to students.  The Legislature provided $1.3  million to develop and implement the program.

During this past summer, Snow College has contracted with rural school districts, worked on a cooperative agreement with Utah State University, hired 7 IVC program professors and 3 program advisors, and provided the list of concurrent enrollment courses that will be delivered by IVC to the school districts.

During the Fall 2014 enrollment period, 917 students from 33 high schools (23 rural) signed up for 13 IVC courses.  Snow College projects enrollment will increase to over 3,400 students, and the number of courses will increase to 36 by 2016-17.