2012 Informal Letter Reports

Report 2012-A: A Survey of Salt Lake Community College Personnel Practices (PDF)

Summary: A survey of hiring, termination and grievance practices at the Salt Lake Community College identified no serious concerns.  Employees are hired based on a competitive hiring process and termination policies are followed.  More formal grievances are filed at SLCC than at a comparably sized institution because of more liberal practices.

Report 2012-B: An In-Depth Follow-Up of the Division of Parks and Recreation (PDF)

Summary: While substantial progress has been made, the Utah Division of Parks and Recreation is still in the process of implementing many of the recommendations listed in a January, 2011 audit report titled A Performance Audit of Utah State Parks (No. 2011-03).  Although it may take several years for the division to fully implement the recommendations, the agency has shown a clear commitment to adopting some of the business practices described in the report.

Report 2012-C: A Survey of University of Utah Legal Counsel Staffing (PDF)

Summary: A limited survey of attorney staffing levels within Pacific Athletic Conference (PAC) universities having both a medical school and a hospital suggests that the University of Utah’s (U of U’s) Office of General Counsel (OGC) may have more attorneys for its size than its counterparts have. In addition to staffing levels, it was our intent to provide salary comparison data which could indicate whether OGC salaries seem reasonable. Some salary data was gathered, but not enough could be gathered in this survey to enable a reasonable comparison.

Report 2012-D: Informal Poll of the Utah Senate on the United States Senate Candidates (PDF)

Summary: This informal poll was required by Senate Resolution 1 of the 2012 General Session.  Senate Resolution 1 directed the Legislative Auditor General to conduct an informal poll of the Senate to determine each member’s preferred candidate for the United States Senate.  The resolution provided that the poll was to be conducted by secret ballot and that participation was voluntary on the part of each senator. 

Report 2012-E: A Survey of Revenue Bond Funding Sources

Summary: We found the revenue bond approval process has good controls to ensure sufficient funding is pledged to meet bonding commitments.  Also, the Office of the State Auditor’s annual financial audits of higher education institutions include a review of revenue bond projects.  The auditor’s examination provides a control to ensure pledged revenues are adequate and being used to pay obligations.

Report 2012-F: A Limited Review of the Community Education Channel Agency’s TV Production Truck (PDF)

Summary: We found that there have been significant oversight concerns with the Community Education Channel Agency (CECA), an interlocal agreement in Washington County . For example, the CECA purchased a full-size TV production truck that, over time, was seldom used for local mission-supported broadcasting. Instead the CECA leased the vehicle on the open market, which action reportedly competed with private business. We recommend the Legislature consider amending Utah Code to clarify oversight requirements of interlocal entities like the CECA.