2017 Informal Letter Reports


Report ILR2017-A: A Limited Review of Public Education Federal Grants (PDF)

Summary: USBE was awarded 27 federal grants totaling $429 million for federal fiscal year 2017. The limited review showed that individual grants for title programs, child nutrition, and special education are difficult to sever. The grants are often tied together with other grants within the same category and share the same objectives. Severing an individual grant would likely create a deficiency in meeting the needs of at-risk students. For most of the grants, the state’s maintenance of effort (MOE) requirements are reasonable, given the significant funding awarded to USBE.


Report ILR2017-B: Survey of P-Card Controls In Higher Education (PDF)

Summary: We were asked to examine higher education purchasing card (P-Card) administrative controls at five institutions by reviewing their policies, procedures, and practices as they relate to Administrative Rule R765-571. We found that all reviewed institutions follow Administrative Rule, and that no further audit work is warranted. This report also identifies best practices that can provide additional improvements to the institutions’ P-Card programs.


Report ILR2017-C: A Limited Review of the STEM Action Center (PDF)

Summary: We found that while the STEM Action Center’s (STEM AC) performance measures have improved, the STEM AC needs better coordination of its measures and lacks the ability to measure long-term successes. We also found that most of the STEM AC’s funding directly benefitted students in 2016. We found that some statutory requirements may inhibit the STEM AC’s effectiveness. Finally, we found that financial controls over vendor procurements and the STEM AC’s financial reporting both appear appropriate.