2018 Informal Letter Reports


Report ILR2018-A: A Limited Review of Three Facilities Operated by The Road Home (PDF)

Summary: This audit reviewed concerns regarding health and safety at facilities operated by The Road Home. We found that drug use and safety concerns are serious problems faced by many residents at facilities operated by The Road Home. This is largely due to lax enforcement of rules and procedures designed to prevent drug use and to provide a secure environment in those facilities. We believe these concerns can be addressed through improved management oversight and more effective board governance.


Report ILR2018-B: Informal Poll of Utah Senate on United States Senate Candidate (PDF)

Summary: A poll (Senate Rule SR1-9-101) of Utah State Senators, with 18 of 29 participating, showed the majority of Senators support Mitt Romney as their preferred U.S. Senate candidate for the 2018 election.


Report ILR2018-C: A Full Audit of Tourism Promotion Funding Recommended (PDF)

Summary: Initial risk analysis of tourism promotion funding showed enough questions to recommend that a full audit be performed. This audit can answer lingering questions about the ways counties have chosen to use their tourism promotion funds.


Report ILR 2018-D - A Higher Education Governance by the Board of Regents and the Board of Trustees Need Examination (PDF)

Summary: This audit looked at higher education governance in the state of Utah. While the Board of Regents is statutorily the governing board for higher education, we found that governance is shared between the Board of Regents and the Boards of Trustees, and the Trustees’ duties have increased due to recent legislation. We recommend the Legislature review the governance duties of the Board of Regents and the Boards of Trustees to determine the appropriate balance of power between statewide and institutional control. The Board of Regents’ control over Trustees should also be considered, as currently the Regents do not appoint and cannot remove the Trustees, yet delegate duties to them. Additional trustee training should also be considered to ensure Trustees understand their role and responsibilities. 


Report ILR 2018-E - Initial Survey of Dixie State University Faculty Terminations (PDF)

We conducted an initial survey of Dixie State University tenured faculty termination policy and recent faculty terminations.