Wednesday, June 20, 2018 • 8:30 a.m. • 30 House Building

Members Present:
Rep. Keven J. Stratton, Chair
Sen. David P. Hinkins
Sen. Jani Iwamoto
Sen. Evan J. Vickers
Rep. Carl R. Albrecht
Rep. Patrice M. Arent
Rep. Stewart E. Barlow
Rep. Scott H. Chew
Rep. Susan Duckworth
Rep. Stephen G. Handy
Rep. Timothy D. Hawkes
Rep. Michael E. Noel
Rep. Derrin R. Owens
Rep. Scott D. Sandall
Rep. Mike Schultz
Rep. Christine F. Watkins

Members Absent:
Sen. Keith Grover, Chair
Sen. Allen M. Christensen

Staff Present:
Mr. J Brian Allred, Policy Analyst
Ms. RuthAnne Frost, Associate General Counsel
Ms. Cassidy Hansen, Administrative Assistant

Note: A copy of related materials and an audio recording of the meeting can be found at www.le.utah.gov.

Chair Keven J. Stratton called the meeting to order.
1. Committee Business
Chair Stratton read a letter honoring former Senator Margaret Dayton for her legislative service.
MOTION: Sen. David P. Hinkins moved to approve the May 16, 2018, meeting minutes. The motion passed with a vote of 14-0-4.
Yeas - 14Nays-0Abs-4
Rep. C. Albrecht
Rep. P. Arent
Rep. S. Barlow
Rep. S. Chew
Rep. S. Duckworth
Rep. T. Hawkes
Sen. D. Hinkins
Sen. J. Iwamoto
Rep. D. Owens
Rep. S. Sandall
Rep. M. Schultz
Rep. K. Stratton
Sen. E. Vickers
Rep. C. Watkins
Sen. A. Christensen
Sen. K. Grover
Rep. S. Handy
Rep. M. Noel
2. Report on State Agency Best Practices and Stewardship Efforts to Improve Air Quality
Michelle Brown, State Coordinator of Resource Stewardship discussed the efforts of state agencies to promote improved air quality and reviewed the resource stewardship annual report.
Coordinator of Resource Stewardship FY18 Annual Report of Air Quality Best Practices
Coordinator of Resource Stewardship FY18 Preliminary Annual Report and Summary of Air Quality Best Practices Handout
3. Uintah Basin Air Quality Research Project Report
Seth Lyman, Executive Director and Senior Research Scientist, Utaht State University discussed a statutorily required report on the Uintah Basin wintertime ozone air quality research project.
Uintah Basin Air Quality Research Project Report 2018
4. Energy Advisor Report / Review of Energy Policy
Dr. Laura Nelson, Governor's Energy Advisor discussed the status and development of the state's energy resources and activities. Dr. Nelson also reviewed state energy policy and discussed the importance of energy development and the impact of energy development on Utah's economy.
63M-4-301 State energy policy
2018 Annual Report GOED
5. Energy Producer States' Agreement Report
Rep. Steven G. Handy discussed Utah's involvement in the Energy Producing States' Coalition and the efforts of the coalition to establish an energy production agreement.
6. Draft Legislation "Department of Environmental Quality Amendments"
Chair Stratton turned the chair over temporarily to Sen. David P. Hinkins.
Chair Stratton discussed the draft legislation and reviewed what the committee learned from the September 13, 2017, site visit.
Draft Legislation "Department of Environmental Quality Amendments" (2019FL-0410/003)
Amanda Smith, Holland and Hart, Representing Wasatch Front Water Quality Council, discussed how the draft legislation modifies the duties of the Administrative Rules Review Committee related to the fiscal impact of proposed rules.
Leland Meyers, Wasatch Front Water Quality Council, discussed the role of the Water Quality Board relating to the draft legislation.
Chair Stratton and Acting Chair Hinkins discussed possible changes to the draft bill. A new draft of the legislation will be prepared for committee consideration in the next interim meeting.
7. Wildfire Update
Brian Cottam, Director, Division of Forestry, Fire, and State Lands, discussed the outlook for wildfires and urban wildfires in the state.
Brett Ostler, Fire Management Officer, Division of Forestry, Fire, and State Lands, was introduced.
8. Water Resources Update
Todd Adams, Deputy Director, Division of Water Resources, discussed the status of snow pack, reservoir capacity, and drought conditions in the state.
Water Supply Briefing
9. Sunset Review - Title 19, Chapter 6, Part 7, Used Oil Management Act
WMRC Used Oil Act Reauthorization 2018
Scott Anderson, Director, Division of Waste Management and Radiation Control discussed the Used Oil Management Program and recommended that the Act be reauthorized for 10 years.
10. Working Groups Update
Michael R. Styler, Executive Director, Department of Natural Resources, discussed the progress of the subcommittees studying: extraterritorial jurisdiction; water supply and surplus water; private property rights; and a constitutional amendment on municipal water rights.
Executive Water Task Force Sub-Committees Schedule
John Hiske, Senior Advisor, Utah League of Cities and Towns, discussed the involvement of the league in the working groups.
11. Adjourn
Sen. Hinkins moved to adjourn.