Friday, February 1, 2019 • 8:00 a.m. • 25 House Building

Members Present:
Sen. Jacob L. Anderegg, Senate Chair
Rep. Eric K. Hutchings, House Chair
Rep. Joel Ferry, House Vice Chair
Sen. Curtis S. Bramble
Sen. David G. Buxton
Sen. Lincoln Fillmore
Sen. Wayne A. Harper
Sen. Derek L. Kitchen
Sen. Daniel McCay
Rep. Cheryl K. Acton
Rep. Kyle R. Andersen
Rep. James A. Dunnigan
Rep. Brian S. King
Rep. Carol Spackman Moss
Rep. Marc K. Roberts
Rep. Angela Romero

Staff Present:
Ms. Linda Service, Session Secretary
Mr. Gary R. Syphus, Fiscal Analyst
Mr. Alexander R. Wilson, Fiscal Analyst

Note: A copy of related materials and an audio recording of the meeting can be found at www.le.utah.gov.

1. 8:00 am: Call to Order/Approval of Minutes
House Chair Hutchings called the meeting to order at 8:12 a.m.
There were no minutes to approve.
2. 8:05 am: Unfinished Business from the January 30th Meeting
Mr. Scott Jenkins, Commissioner, Weber County, addressed the issue of jail reimbursement, along with Mr. Reed Richards, Weber County Attorney's Office.
Chair Hutchings provided clarification on jail bed rates within the state.
Mr. Richards spoke to the issue of increased jail population in the county jails. A discussion followed among committee members addressing the contracting fee increase and jail reimbursement with Mr. Gary Syphus and Mr. Alex Wilson, Fiscal Analysts, Office of the Legislative Fiscal Analyst (LFA), offering clarifying information.
Senate Chair Anderegg assumed the chair.
Mr. Leland Pollack, Commissioner, Garfield County, commented on the partnership between contracted county jails and corrections.
Mr. Cameron Noel, Sheriff, Beaver County, noted the importance of jail contracting to the counties. A discussion followed with Chair Hutchings.
3. 8:45 am: State Treasurer (Base budget ? $3.8 million)
Mr. Wilson discussed the LFA analyst presentation highlighting a variety of technical changes.
3b-USTO Agency Presentation 2019
Mr. David Damschen, State Treasurer, provided an overview and update of the Office of the State Treasurer. He responded to a question from Sen. Fillmore regarding the issuance of bonds and clarified a question asked by Rep. King related to charter school bonds.
Rep. Dunnigan requested to know the amount of interest the state pays yearly in bond interest. He and Sen. Buxton also asked for clarification related to unclaimed personal property reimbursement. Mr. Damschen then continued his presentation.
Mr. Jason Nielson, Finance Director, Office of the Treasurer, explained the reason for the request for funding a new office. A new account was created late last year to fund the new office, but no funding mechanism was established.
4. 9:20 am: Utah Department of Corrections (Base budget ? $318.6 million)
Mr. Wilson distributed the handout "Jail Reimbursement Funding History." During his LFA analyst presentation he addressed recommendations from his office, budget reduction options, mainline efficiency reductions, medical care, leases for adult probation and parole, and jail contracting
4a-Correction's Presentation
Mr. Wilson responded to the suggestion from Rep. Dunnigan that funds for Adult Probation and Parole (AP&P) be left for overtime hours. He resumed his presentation.
Mr. Mike Haddon, Executive Director, Department of Corrections, provided an overview of the department and made note of the support received from the legislature and governor. He discussed the new correctional facility, successful outcomes for offenders, and a strategic approach to staffing levels and workload.
Mr. Haddon responded to a question from Rep. Andersen regarding halfwayhouses for inmates entering the community and then resumed his presentation.
Rep. Hutchings commented on re-entry offenders. Mr. Wilson clarified.
Mr. Haddon continued his presentation addressing agency solutions.
Rep. King commented on the importance of funding indigent defense to a greater degree. A discussion followed with questions from Chair Anderegg and Rep. Hutchings regarding gaps in resources for offenders and the need for coordination between agencies. Mr. Haddon resumed his presentation.
Rep. Dunnigan asked for examples of jail programs being operated by Corrections. A discussion followed.
Mr. Haddon continued his presentation highlighting building blocks and reallocations. He responded to a question from Rep. Roberts related to age of offenders. Following a discussion with committee members Mr. Haddon continued his presentation.
Rep. Hutchings and Sen. Buxton discussed the issue of open positions within Corrections.
5. 10:35 am: Performance Brief
Mr. Wilson addressed performance measures.
5ai-EOCJ Performance Measures Brief
5aii-EOCJ Performance Presentation
MOTION: Rep. Moss moved to adjourn. Sen. Anderegg adjourned the meeting at 10:51 a.m. The motion passed with a vote of 12-0-4.
Yeas - 12Nays-0Abs-4
Rep. C. Acton
Sen. J. Anderegg
Rep. K. Andersen
Sen. D. Buxton
Rep. J. Ferry
Sen. L. Fillmore
Sen. W. Harper
Rep. E. Hutchings
Rep. B. King
Rep. C. Moss
Rep. M. Roberts
Rep. A. Romero
Sen. C. Bramble
Rep. J. Dunnigan
Sen. D. Kitchen
Sen. D. McCay