Wednesday, August 21, 2019 • 1:15 p.m. • 210 Senate Building

Members Present:
Sen. Wayne A. Harper, Chair
Rep. Kay J. Christofferson, Chair
Sen. Karen Mayne
Sen. Ronald Winterton
Rep. Kyle R. Andersen
Rep. Melissa G. Ballard
Rep. Walt Brooks
Rep. Dan N. Johnson
Rep. Marsha Judkins
Rep. Karen Kwan
Rep. Merrill F. Nelson
Rep. Lawanna Shurtliff
Rep. Raymond P. Ward
Rep. Elizabeth Weight

Members Absent:
President J. Stuart Adams
Sen. David G. Buxton
Rep. Ken Ivory
Rep. Adam Robertson

Staff Present:
Mr. Art L. Hunsaker, Policy Analyst
Mr. Ryan M. Hunter, Policy Analyst
Mr. Kurt P. Gasser, Associate General Counsel
Mr. Gus Harb, Associate General Counsel
Ms. Cherish Cosman, Administrative Assistant

Note: A copy of related materials and an audio recording of the meeting can be found at www.le.utah.gov.

Chair Christofferson called the meeting to order at 1:46 p.m.
1. Committee Business
MOTION: Sen. Mayne moved to approve the minutes from the June 19, 2019. The motion passed with a vote of 12-0-6.
Yeas - 12Nays-0Abs-6
Rep. K. Andersen
Rep. M. Ballard
Rep. K. Christofferson
Sen. W. Harper
Rep. D. Johnson
Rep. M. Judkins
Rep. K. Kwan
Sen. K. Mayne
Rep. L. Shurtliff
Rep. R. Ward
Rep. E. Weight
Sen. R. Winterton
Sen. J. Adams
Rep. W. Brooks
Sen. D. Buxton
Rep. K. Ivory
Rep. M. Nelson
Rep. A. Robertson
2. Follow Up Report: Status of State Airplane Fleet
2 - Status of the State Airplane Fleet, UDOT
Jason Davis, Deputy Director for Engineering and Operations, Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), presented background on the aeronautics program, status update, and challenges facing the fleet and responded to committee questions.
Jared Esselman, Director of Aeronautics, UDOT, answered questions from the committee.
3. Annual Report:
3a - 2019 UDOT Strategic Direction
Nathan Lee, Director of Technology and Innovation, UDOT, presented UDOT's operations, mobility, conditions, and goals and replied to committee questions.
3 - Role of the Utah Transportation Commission, UDOT
Donna Law, Member, Transportation Commission, presented the background, role, processes, and goals of the Transportation Commission followed by committee discussion.
4. Draft legislation, "Towing Signage Revisions"
4 - Draft Legislation, "Towing Signage Revisions"
Rep. Cory Maloy provided background on the draft legislation, addressed its goals, and responded to questions from the committee.
5. Utah Transit Authority and Public-Private Partnerships
5 - UTA Innovative Mobility Solutions, UTA
Carlton Christensen, Board of Trustees Chair, Utah Transit Authority (UTA), and Jaron Robertson, Acting Director of Innovative Mobility Solutions, UTA, presented the statutorily required report on public-private partnerships UTA has entered into and answered committee questions.
6. Recent and Upcoming Transit Improvements with New UTA Resources
6 - Recent and Upcoming Transit Improvements with New UTA Resources, UTA
Carlton Christensen; Beth Holbrook, UTA Board of Trustees Member, UTA; and Kent Millington, UTA Board of Trustees Member, UTA, presented the current approach to transit improvements and UTA successes utilizing new resources and answered questions from the committee.
Carolyn Gonot, Executive Director, UTA, introduced herself to the committee.
Chair Christofferson adjourned the meeting at 3:59 p.m.