Wednesday, January 25, 2023 • 8:00 a.m. • 110 Senate Building

Members Present:
Sen. Keith Grover, Senate Chair
Rep. Melissa G. Ballard, House Chair
Rep. Rex P. Shipp, House Vice Chair
Sen. David P. Hinkins
Sen. Karen Kwan
Sen. Michael K. McKell
Sen. Ann Millner
Sen. Kathleen A. Riebe
Sen. Jerry W. Stevenson
Sen. Chris H. Wilson
Rep. Jon Hawkins
Rep. Quinn Kotter
Rep. Michael J. Petersen
Rep. Mark A. Strong
Rep. Douglas R. Welton
Rep. Mark A. Wheatley

Members Absent:
Sen. Evan J. Vickers
Rep. Walt Brooks

Staff Present:
Ben Leishman, Finance Manager
Kimberly D. Madsen, Financial Analyst
Lorna Wells, Committee Secretary

Note: A copy of related materials and an audio recording of the meeting can be found at www.le.utah.gov.

1.Call to Order
Chair Ballard called the meeting to order at 8:12 a.m.
Chair Ballard recognized members of the Utah Board of Higher Education.
2.University of Utah
Taylor Randall, President, University of Utah, acknowledged Senior Vice Presidents in attendance. Pres. Randall gave a presentation regarding aspirations, completion rates, the need for student housing, partnerships, institutional efficiencies, challenges, affordability, goals, and ways that USHE can assist the University. He was assisted by Jason Perry, Vice President of Governmental Affairs.
3 - University of Utah - HEAS Final 1.24.23
Chair Ballard expressed appreciation for the presentation and discussed the importance of public/private partnerships.
Sen. Millner commented on Pres. Randall's great leadership and asked about goals to enhance the preparation of the workforce in Utah. Pres. Randall responded and further dialog continued.
Sen. Millner asked how institutions are dealing with the CHAT GPT artificial intelligence app. Pres. Randall responded.
Sen. McKell commented about the Great Salt Lake strike team and the similar problems with Utah Lake. He praised the university for their commitment to research dollars in Utah county.
Chair Ballard commented on the innovation taking place at the Point of the Mountain, the success of having one scholarship application, and policy ideas that have been generated. Pres. Randall responded to both comments.
3.Approval of Minutes
MOTION:Sen. McKell moved to approve the minutes of the January 19, 2023 and January 23, 2023 meetings.The motion passed with a vote of 13-0-5.
Yeas - 13Nays- 0Abs- 5
Rep. M. Ballard
Sen. D. Hinkins
Rep. Q. Kotter
Sen. K. Kwan
Sen. M. McKell
Sen. A. Millner
Rep. M. Petersen
Rep. R. Shipp
Sen. J. Stevenson
Rep. M. Strong
Rep. D. Welton
Rep. M. Wheatley
Sen. C. Wilson
Rep. W. Brooks
Sen. K. Grover
Rep. J. Hawkins
Sen. K. Riebe
Sen. E. Vickers
4.Salt Lake Community College, Including School of Applied Tech
Deneece Huftalin, President, Salt Lake Community College, gave a presentation about SLCC with the assistance of Tim Sheehan, Vice President for Governmental and Community Relations. Pres. Huftalin specifically discussed enrollment, completion rates, high-yield awards, environmental sustainability, appropriations, budget requests, opportunities and challenges,
4-SLCC Higher Ed Appropriations 1.25.23
Chair Ballard discussed the importance of the compensation increases and the Pace scholarship.
Sen. Millner asked that, as SLCC works with employers, what the high-demand areas are and how can those demands be facilitated. Pres. Huftalin responded.
Chair Ballard thanked Pres. Huftalin for the great work in the West Valley and Herriman communities. She asked SLCC to look at scholarship opportunities as students transfer to the University of Utah.
5.Utah Valley University
Astrid Tuminez, President, Utah Valley University gave a presentation entitled "UVU: Relevant and Innovative for 21st Century Education" with the assistance of Linda Makin, Vice President of Planning, Budget and Finance. Pres. Tuminez specifically discussed enrollment, environmental sustainability, affordability, educating the diverse workforce, timely completion, appropriations, budget requests, opportunities and improvements.
5-2023 HEAS Utah Valley University Final
Rep. Shipp asked about the challenges regarding growth. Pres. Tuminez responded.
Sen. McKell expressed appreciation to Pres. Tuminez for the great leadership and commitment to students. Pres. Tuminez responded.
Rep. Wheatley asked about the population of Latino faculty members. Pres. Tuminez and Linda Makin responded.
Chair Ballard discussed the importance of qualified faculty. She asked about completion rates for certifications compared to bachelor's degrees. Pres. Tuminez responded and distributed a handout regarding the metrics used.
5 -UVU Tyranny of One Metric
Chair Ballard asked committee members to look at the University of Utah metrics.
Kimberly Madsen discussed some of the University of Utah metrics.
Chair Ballard reminded committee members to review the list of questions that each institution is being asked to answer in their presentations.
6.Mountainland Technical College
Clay Christensen, President, Mountainland Technical college gave a presentation regarding MTech with the assistance of Julie King, Chair, Board of Trustees. Pres. Christensen specifically discussed enrollment, statewide goals, environmental sustainability, appropriations, partnerships, workforce alignment, and training.
6-Mountainland 2023 HEAC
Chair Ballard complemented MTech on their completion rates and asked a clarifying question regarding when students transfer to UVU. Pres. Christensen responded.
7.Keys to Success
Dave Woolstenhulme, Commissioner, USHE gave an overview of the Keys to Success program.
Mallory Santa Cruz, Keys and Road to Success Director, discussed the Keys to Success program.
7-Keys to Success - 2023 School Year Impact
Chair Ballard is very excited about the work on the streamlined college application process.
8.Requests for Appropriations
Chair Ballard asked about the availability of information regarding for Requests for Appropriations (RFAs). Kimberly Madsen explained that RFAs are private documents. She will request that the presenters release these RFAs or prepare information for committee members.
Weber State University Boys and Girls State
Rep. Calvin Musselman explained this funding request with the assistance of Doug Case, President, American Legion Utah Chapter and Cary Fisher, Department Director, Girls State..
8a - Boys State 2023 Committee Points
8-Weber State University Boys and Girls State - Video
Rep. Welton asked if there are waiting lists for students who want to get in and if the program can be expanded. Cary Fisher responded.
Salt Lake Community College Scholarships
Sen. Luz Escamilla explained this RFA with the assistance of Pres. Huftalin.
8-SLCC - SLTC Scholarships
Dr. Jennifer Saunders, Dean Salt Lake Technology College, explained the importance of scholarships for technical college students.
Native American Excellence Opportunity at UVU
Rep. Christine Watkins introduced Tara Ivy, Associate VP for Inclusive Excellence, UVU, explained the Native American Excellence Opportunity funding request.
Chair Ballard asked questions about the Native American heritage in the UVU region. Tara Ivy responded.
Rep. Burton explained this funding request with the assistance of Scott Paul, Executive Director, Center for Constitutional Studies, UVU.
8-UVU CCS 2022 Recap
8-UVU CCS 2023 and Beyond
8 - UVU - Civic Thought and Leadership Initiatives
Rep. Welton expressed support for the funding request.
Chair Ballard reported that HB 1 regarding Higher Education Funding will be voted on in the House. She asked staff to compile RFA documents for committee members and to report if the institutions have included these funding requests as part of their budget requests.
MOTION:Rep. Shipp moved to adjourn.The motion passed with a vote of 11-0-7.
Yeas - 11Nays- 0Abs- 7
Rep. M. Ballard
Sen. K. Grover
Rep. J. Hawkins
Rep. Q. Kotter
Sen. K. Kwan
Sen. M. McKell
Sen. K. Riebe
Rep. R. Shipp
Rep. M. Strong
Rep. D. Welton
Rep. M. Wheatley
Rep. W. Brooks
Sen. D. Hinkins
Sen. A. Millner
Rep. M. Petersen
Sen. J. Stevenson
Sen. E. Vickers
Sen. C. Wilson
Chair Ballard adjourned the meeting at 10:50 a.m.