Past Audio Floor Debates for HB0290
AudioVideoDescriptionFloor Debate
ListenHB290S1 House day 10
ListenHB 290s1 - Froerer, Adams - Circled Senate* day 24
ListenHB 290s2 - Froerer, Adams - Substituted, 2nd reading, passed Senate* day 30
ListenHB 290s2 - Froerer, Adams - 3rd reading, final passage Senate* day 31
ListenHB290S2 House day 32
ListenHB 290s2 - Adams - Bill to go to Conference Committee Senate* day 32
ListenHB 290s2 - Adams, Conference Committee Senate* day 35
ListenHB290S2 House day 37
ListenHB 290s2 - Adams - Motion to adopt committee report, pass, bill passes Senate* day 37

*Links to the audio are approximate and may be adjusted at a later date.