Fiscal Note - State of Utah - 2013 General Session

SB0072S02 - Prison Relocation and Development Amendments

State Government (UCA 36-12-13(2)(b)):
Enactment of this bill may cost about $7,000 from the General Fund one-time in FY 2013 for costs of the governing board; about $680,000 from the General Fund one-time in FY 2014 for project preparation, environmental impact studies, and design; about $430,000 ongoing from the General Fund beginning in FY 2014 for board and staffing costs; and about $225,000 from the General Fund one-time in FY 2015 for design and construction consulting.

State Budget Detail TableFY 2013FY 2014FY 2015
General Fund$0$430,000$430,000
General Fund, One-Time$7,000$680,000$225,000
   Total Expenditure$7,000$1,110,000$655,000
Net Impact, All Funds (Rev.-Exp.)($7,000)($1,110,000)($655,000)
   Net Impact, General/Education Funds (Rev.-Exp.)($7,000)($1,110,000)($655,000)

Local Governments (UCA 36-12-13(2)(c)):
Local governments where the prison is currently located may see an increase in property and sales tax revenue once the prison land is developed. These local governments will forego up to fifty percent of property tax increment for up to 25 years and the portion of sales taxes that are based on point of sale. These revenues will be distributed to the Prison Land Management Authority.

Direct Expenditures by Utah Residents and Businesses (UCA 36-12-13(2)(d)):
Enactment of this bill likely will not result in direct, measurable expenditures by Utah residents or businesses.

Performance Note Required? (Joint Rule 4-2-404): No

2/27/2013, 10:45:22 AM, Lead Analyst: Allred, S./Attny: RHROffice of the Legislative Fiscal Analyst