Legislative Bill Room

Hours of Operation: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday - The Bill Room remains open whenever the Legislature is on the floor including late nights during the General Session and Special Sessions

The Legislative Bill Room is where the public, as well as state agencies, can get copies of legislative information, publications, and other services as available.

Session Responsibilities:

During the General Legislative Session, the Bill Room is responsible for distribution of all printed material generated by the Legislative Printing Office. This service is publically available.

The Bill Room has post office style boxes available for rent. Subscribers pay in advance to have copies of their choice of bills, daily status, and/or daily journals put in their mail box for convenience. These locked boxes are available to the subscribers outside of normal operating hours in our lobby and are only available for General Session information.

Legislative Printing and Bill Room fees (as approved by Legislative Management Committee):

Product/ServiceFee Amount
Bills, amendments, fiscal notes, etc.$0.10 per sheet
Utah State Government: A Citizen's Guide$10.00 ea
Color Copies$0.40 per image
State Constitutions$2.00 ea
Digest of Legislation$10.00 ea
Faxing Services (sending and receiving)$1.00 a page
Daily Journals$1.50 ea
Bound Session Journal (House | Senate)$45.00 ea
Printing services (black and white)$0.10 per sheet
Rules of the Legislature$3.00 ea
Daily Status$2.00 per set
Laws of Utah (Web | PDF)$50.00 ea
Postage Stamps$0.55 ea
Laminating$1.50 and up
Legislative RosterFree

Mailing services can be provided for an extra fee. Please call or email us with any questions regarding publications.

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Contact Information: Terry Lake, Manager (tlake@le.utah.gov)

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