From: Cortney Anderson
To: Jacob Anderegg,
Subject: Re: Zions Curtain
Date: Thu Mar 06 03:23:20 MST 2014
     Why is it that you don't think you can have an alcoholic beverage at dinner?  Is it that you don't drink?  Well, thats fine.  Your choice.  I still would like to have a beer or a glass of wine at dinner.  I do at home, so why is it so bad that I do at dinner out?  You are making it seem as if all places that serve alcohol are rowdy, out of control establishments.  Is it because you don't drink, there is not alcohol in your house, you do not want to have to talk to your children about alcohol?  Why?  Why do you feel as though beer is so evil?  Over consumption of anything.. ANYTHING... is not good.  Abuse of alcohol, i agree, is very bad.  Abuse and over use of prescription drugs, including antidepressants, very bad as well!  Though, what is even worse than these two, pretending that these things do not exist!  The wording of your calling an alcohol serving facility and a restaurant, it just seems absurd to me.  A bar is essentially an alcohol serving faculty because often they do not serve food!  Children are not allowed in these places.  If you don't want to see a drink being made or if you want to keep sheltering your children from reality, there are some Chuckey Cheese through out the valley and McDonalds is open 24/7.  Although be careful, I have heard that they do serve beer in some McDonalds.  What it boils down to is, that its a choice.  I choose to enjoy a beer at dinner and you don't.  Why don't you just ask for a table that is not in view of the bar area.  Most restaurants have those.  Or how bout you just sit in the seat facing the bar and your children can sit with their backs to it.  There is a reason that restaurants have these bar areas.  I bet you have enjoyed it on a business trip yourself.  Maybe in an airport.  When alone, grabbing a bite to eat, I would gamble to say that most people would like little company.  Thats why they "belly up to the bar."  It just seems that the travel industry is big here in Utah.  Just take a look at down town.  What is one of the most visited places in Salt Lake City?  Ah yes, the mormon church.  Yet, aren't other aspects of the cities utilized for tourism?  I ask you, why did we drop the clubs and memberships?  Because it was taking away from tourism.  It was a misunderstanding of the bar industry here.  I don't know how many times I had to explain that silly rule and now I have to explain this giant wall in restaurants.  As a Christian, I have no problem enjoying an alcoholic beverage.  And if I do have children one day, I am sure that I will mix drinks at my own house in front of them.  I will also be involved in their lives and discuss, explain, and educate them about alcohol.  Bottom line... Lighten up, talk with your children, be involved, it will be ok (speaking in generalities.)  Thank you for responding to my inquiry.  

Concerned Tax Payer,

Cortney Anderson

On Wed, Mar 5, 2014 at 7:18 AM, Jacob Anderegg <> wrote:

Agreed. But I also would like a more clear distinction in our code between alcohol servicing facilities and restaurants. There is too much gray area, and the established boundaries need to be more clearly defined. Until that happens we will keep seeing this debate without much progress in solving the issue. The Zion’s Curtain is a stupid “Utah” fixture, but with the gray area we have in code it was the compromise that was created. I’d prefer a clearer delineation.


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From: Cortney Anderson []
Sent: Wednesday, March 05, 2014 7:08 AM
To: Jacob Anderegg
Subject: Zions Curtain


Dear Mr. Anderegg,


      I understand your commitment to the "kids," but here is an idea.  Instead of putting it out of sight, out of mind and ignoring the idea of alcohol, why do you talk with your children?  Spend the money that you are spending on this legislation on promoting parent child interaction.  You may speak often with your children, so this doesn't really effect you.  Though, others don't.  Be proactive with parenting, not hiding alcohol.  The issue at hand, really isn't the zion curtain, its that there is poor parenting.  That is the real issue.  Drop the curtain, and parent your children!!!!


Concerned Tax Payer,


Cortney L. Anderson