From: Michael Clára
To: Jacob Anderegg,
Subject: TWEET from a Gentleman
Date: Mon Feb 03 23:03:28 MST 2014
Rep. Anderegg,

I am currently serving on the Salt Lake City School Board. We had a lunch room incident flare up last week. The district's first response was to duck and weave. 

I chided them to just own it, apologize, correct it, and commit to it not happening again. They made feeble attempts and got it right after a few days. 

We could learn a lot from you. Thank you so much for showing us how an elected official can show class and respect when a misunderstanding occurs. 

Very powerful quote:

"I completely own it. It was inappropriate. … It was an offhand, stupid comment and I was trying to be funny," he said. "The truth is I probably need to be a little more brought up to speed on the issue. It’s obviously very sensitive, in which case a tweet like that probably means something very hurtful to someone and I didn’t realize it was."

Un abrazo,
Michael Clára
Board Member, District 2