From: WCRI
To: Stewart Barlow,
Subject: Evaluation of the 2015 Fee Schedule Rates in Illinois
Date: Tue Feb 09 17:02:49 MST 2016
Dear Representative Barlow, 

A new WCRI study, Evaluation of the 2015 Fee Schedule Rates in Illinois, compares the fee schedule rates and Medicare rates for a variety of medical services in Illinois as of 2015. The medical services covered in the report are professional medical services, hospital outpatient and ambulatory surgery center (ASC) facility services related to surgical procedures, and hospital inpatient services. The analysis focused on the most common services delivered to injured workers within each category.
Additionally, to provide some context on where Illinois stands with respect to other states, the study compared the fee schedules in Illinois relative to Medicare (as of 2015) with fee schedule rates relative to Medicare in other states (as of 2011) for professional medical services. The study computed the workers' compensation fee schedule rate as a percentage above or below the Medicare rate.
As an elected official who makes public policy decisions regarding workers' compensation, you and your staff have complimentary access to this report. Click on the following link to access this new WCRI report:
Please note: The link to this report will be available until March 1, 2016. After March 1, 2016, you can contact WCRI for a complimentary copy of the report. 
The report can be read online or downloaded and printed.  Please note: The report is copyrighted and cannot be distributed to others without WCRI's written consent.
If you have questions about this report or any other WCRI research, please contact us.
Thank you,

John W. Ruser, Ph.D.
President and CEO

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