From: Samantha Anderson
To: Joel Briscoe,
Subject: Concerned about H.B. 285
Date: Tue Mar 04 21:28:33 MST 2014
Dear Representative Briscoe,

Please vote NO on H.B. 285, the Alcoholic Beverage Service Amendments, which is coming up in your House Revenue and Taxation Committee today.

My concern is that this bill removes the intent-to-dine as well as the partition between beverage preparation and service in restaurants.  The law as it is currently instituted helps promote safety and well-being for Utah residents by creating an atmosphere of caution.  Removing intent-to-dine will encourage drinking without eating, which will increase blood alcohol content levels = more intoxication.  Removing the partition will increase exposure of alcohol to minors and others.  It will promote an atmosphere which encourages drinking rather than promoting the ideal of health and safety. 

I know – from personal experience as well as college studies – that increased consumption of alcohol leads to increased immorality, abuse, and drunk driving.  Utah should place emphasis on passing bills which strengthen and encourage good citizenship. H.B. 285 does not do this.  We can increase our revenue through different means rather than increasing alcohol sales and consumption.  Please vote NO on H.B. 285. 

Thank you for all you do,
Samantha Anderson
Orem, Utah