From: Jacobson, Tashica
To: Joel Briscoe,
Subject: vote no on hb 285
Date: Tue Mar 04 17:18:31 MST 2014

Representative Briscoe,

This afternoon HB 285, Alcoholic Beverage Service Amendment, will be heard in the House Revenue and Taxation Committee. Please vote no on this bill. It would remove the “separation” and the requirement for “intent to dine” before serving alcohol. If we look at this bill from an adult view point there is not much of an effect. However if we look at it through children’s eyes it will have great repercussions. We are changing the environment in an area that children are allowed, thus changing their attitudes and beliefs about this mind-altering drug. While this bill would change the alcohol laws, the effects of alcohol will not change. It will remain a mind-altering drug with severe consequences. By changing the laws we are changing the perception of alcohol in the minds of children. It will allow the glamour of alcohol to be seen and will diminish the idea that it is dangerous and needs to be used with caution. For these reasons please vote no on HB 285

Thank You

Tashica Jacobosn
Taylorsville, UT ​