From: Kathy's Letters
Subject: HJR8 Urgent Info (print)
Date: Mon Mar 10 14:39:15 MDT 2014

HJR8 Balanced Budget to U.S. Constitution

1.  Thecentral problemis that for decades nowthe
    Council on Foreign Relations/Brookings peopleare
     in all
our U.S. government positions!

     They will not obey a Balanced Budget Amendment!
     They will not obey our U.S. Constitution!

     They have already proposed a Convention to change our
     Constitutionto a Parliament!
 See "Constitutional Reform and Effective
     Government" book by Brookings Institute!

2. The overspending is on purpose and for more control!
      An economic crash would give them further reason to
      changegovernment to a Parliament...further!  They do
      notwant the President to have to go to Congress (checks
      and balances). (
See book "Constitutional Reform and
      Effective Government by Brooking Institute study)(funded
      by the Rockefeller, Carnegie, Ford, McArthur Foundations).

3. Congress needs to impeach!

.4. Which state would lead?  The Executive Director ofthe
       National Governors Association, Dan Crippen, is a member
       of the Council on Foreign Relations (control).  The State
think they have reformed education! (it was
       all controlled).

5.  Yes...we all want a Balanced Budget! 
      Yes... they are destroying our Country!
      People should have taken time to know who was in control!
          They never would vote of the honest less fundedperson!
      These CFR/Brookings people have been in both parties for
(Yes, even John S. McCain.  AlsoNewt Gingrich who
        wanteda Convention years ago for a Balanced Budget).
        Don' forget that Presidents Bush, Carter and Clinton, belonged!

6.  i found what looked like a good organization online that wants
      a convention for a specific issue (many amendments for that
      one issue could happen they admit).  They got an award from
      the Heritage Foundation (don't trust them!)(trustees are big
      a big problem!).

Remember that an Amendment will not make it happen!  They do
not obey our Constitution! Jon Huntsman wanted a Conference of
States (he is now a Brookings Fellow and has been a member of
the Council on Foreign Relations...still follows their polcies!


Kathlyn Astle
Mountain Green, UT
(801) 876-3225