From: Tim Fitzgerald
To: Angela Romero, Brad Dee, Becky Edwards, Brian Greene, Brad Last, Rebecca Lockhart, Brad Wilson, Brian King, Craig Hall, Curtis Oda, Carol Moss, Curt Webb, Don Ipson, Dana Layton, David Lifferth, Doug Sagers, Dixon Pitcher, Dean Sanpei, Earl Tanner, Eric Hutchings, Edward Redd, Francis Gibson, Gage Froerer, Greg Hughes, Jacob Anderegg, Johnny Anderson, Janice Fisher, Jim Bird, Joel Briscoe, Jon Cox, Jack Draxler, Jim Dunnigan, Jeremy Peterson, Jerry Anderson, Jim Nielson, John Knotwell, John G. Mathis, Jennifer M. Seelig, Jon Stanard, John Westwood, Kay Mciff, Kay Christofferson, Keith Grover, Ken Ivory, Kraig Powell, Keven John Stratton, LaVar Christensen, Lee Perry, Lynn Hemingway, Larry Wiley, Marie Poulson, Mark A. Wheatley, Melvin Brown, Mike Kennedy, mnoel, Paul Ray, Richard Cunningham, Richard Greenwood, Ronda Menlove, Roger Barrus, Robert Spendlove, Stewart Barlow, Susan Duckworth, Steve Eliason, Steve Handy, Tim Cosgrove, Lowry Snow, Val Peterson, Daniel McCay, Marc Roberts, Merrill Nelson, Patrice Arent,
Subject: SB112
Date: Wed Mar 12 23:29:20 MDT 2014

Good morning Representatives I am contacting you in reference to Senate bill 112 animal fighting amendment
this is the same bill  the House voted against last year and for good reason
This bill goes way beyond animal fighting makes it illegal to own or possess a rooster in direct violation of our civil rights and human rights of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness the sponsor of this bill Gene Davis omitted himself the only knowledge of game fowl he possesses is what he has seen on the Internet. I am NOT a political person but it's time to make a stand against the animal rights movement that are well funded and push their own agendas on to the people through politicians. He would have you believe we are organized drug syndicates human traffickers and all around shady people well I'm here to tell you most people that raised game fowl are good families people Pillars of the community people that's went through FBI background checks for concealed weapons. I would ask you to check with the law enforcement around the state and find out how much trouble people that Raise game fowl cause.
This is not a problem in this state they would have you believe we're now a magnet for cock Fighters it is already a federal felony to cross a state line with a game rooster for the purpose of fighting.
I hope and pray you can see through this bill it is just a stepping stone so the well organized and well-funded animal rights activists can get to  their agendas of ending all animal use.
Thank you for your time if there is anything I can ever do to help don't hesitate to ask.
Tim Fitzgerald

Hard working tax paying red blooded American

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